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Saturday 13th July 2024

9.30am - 4.30pm

The Black Cherry Fair


Town Procession

What's On

it's all go in 2024 begining on Thursday 11th July with Edwards Fairground on Abbey Field, then our local Bands & Bar night on Friday the 12th, and culminating in the Town Procession and Black Cherry Fair on Saturday 13th July.

Back with more than 100 stalls, bands, arena entertainment, fabulous food and a great bar with speciality craft ales.

FREE TO ENTER  Come along and enjoy the day | take part | help organise | advertise | become a sponsor

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There’s lots of fantastic competitions in our free programme guide and live on the day, with prizes ranging from £10 to £100! As well as the many competitions run by the Black Cherry Fair you'll also find countless stalls with raffles, games and tombolas for the whole family to enjoy.

Take Part

There are many ways to take part in the Black Cherry Fair and it’s all really simple. You can book a stall to promote your business, help a charity, or just to empty some bric-a-brac from the loft! With two arenas we have plenty of space for performers of all types. You might like to help out behind the scenes and become involved with the event organisation or promote your school or organisation by taking part in the Town Procession.

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Advertising & sponsorship

With as many as 10,000 visitors every year the Black Cherry Fair is a simple and effective way to promote your business and support the local community. Advertise in our free event guide which can be found in shops from three weeks before the fair or sponsor an event,  and get in touch with Chertsey.

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The Town Procession

Our theme for the 2024 Town Procession is 'Children's Stories'. 

We are aware that this was previously advertised as nursery rhymes but we decided to widen the choices a little by adding stories which can be book or film. If you have already arranged a nursery rhyme this is absolutely fine.  We now also like to invite walking groups and performers to join us to make it a real carnival style celebration! And there are lots of prizes! For more info visit the page.

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About the fair

The Black Cherry Fair has an amazing history dating back to 1440. Find out more about the fair, its current organisers and behind the scenes fundraising by Chertsey Rotary

For more information or to get involved and help us at the fair, please contact us:

by phone on 07790 604016

by email to

This event is for the whole community to enjoy and is only possible through the support of

local businesses, Surrey County Council and Runnymede Borough Council

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