Summer wouldn't be the same without some of your favourite competitions,
so here are the online versions! Just  email your answers, screenshot your drawings, upload your videos and add your name and contact number
(so you'll be sure to get your winnings!) to

£100 Free Prize Draw

Email the answers to the following five questions to by 6pm on Black Cherry Fair  Day - Saturday 11th July and you could win £100!!!

   1. Which charity has 384,346 members?

   2. Which stallholder has a steamy passion?

   3. What Fish & Chips business is mentioned on this website

   4. What football club won the FA Vase in 2019 (hopefully you know that one!)

   5. Where is the DONATE HERE button located on every page of this website? (ie top left/ bottom right ?)

Bonny Baby Competition

closing date

Sat 18th July, 2020

Take a picture of your baby and send to (must be under 1yr old)

1st Place Prize - £25

2nd Place Prize - £20

Childrens Drawing Competition

closing date

Sat 25th July, 2020

Use your imagination and draw a picture of your favourite thing, a person, a toy, it doesn't matter. (under 16yrs only) take a photo of your picture and send to

under 6 prize- £25

over 6 prize  - £25

Keepy Uppy Competition

closing date

Friday 31st July, 2020

Video your keepy Uppy Skills. 

All ages!!

prize for most keepy uppies     £30

prize for best technique            £25

prize for best attempt!!             £25

Judged by the Chairman of Chertsey Town FC.

Send all video entries to

Please send all competition entries to