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Some questions answered…….

Why hold the Black Cherry Fair this year?

We have many local organisations, charities and businesses who have received little or no income or financial support since March 2020. Without this summers’ events they will have been unable to fund raise for nearly two and a half years.

There are many people, especially families and children, who have struggled over the past year and need a safe, fun day out within their local community avoiding long journeys and expensive entrance fees.

If it was safe to do so we wanted to help.

What about the extension of the lockdown?

Outdoor fairs, funfairs and community events have actually been allowed since April 12th (step 2 of the ‘Roadmap out of Lockdown’) and on May 17th (step 3) small performances were included in these events as long as an audience could easily socially distance and were not persuaded to shout, sing or dance.

Once step 3 was agreed on May 17th it was decided to go ahead with the Black Cherry Fair. The extension of the step 3 lock down has made no difference to us. We always intended to keep step 3 restrictions in place at the fair to make sure the public were safe.

How are you keeping us safe at the fair?

The Black Cherry Fair Committee and Runnymede Borough Council have worked very hard to make sure that you are as safe as we can keep you at this event. Luckily the fair is on a very large, open field so we have plenty of room and lots of fresh air but we have made a few alterations to keep the event safer still, details of which are below.

Changes at the Fair


For 2021 the entrance to the fair will be at the corner of Abbeyfields nearest the town (please note that you cannot exit from this corner). The exit is at the opposite corner of the field adjacent to Staines Lane (please note that you cannot enter from that corner). This will allow us to count the number of people at the fair at any one time and make sure we keep below capacity. If we get close to our maximum number, we will post out on social media and on our website to tell you to delay your visit for an hour or so.



Luckily Abbeyfields is a very large, open space, but to help make sure you can socially distance with ease, we have introduced a few extra measures for your safety and comfort

  • A few less stall and wider aisles. Please respect others. You may feel comfortable but they may not. Make sure you leave space for them to walk past you without having to ask.

  • Hand sanitiser stations. Please use our hand sanitiser. We don’t want to take it home.

  • Extra security and volunteers to ensure everything runs smoothly. Please tell us if you see a problem. We will deal with it.

  • Protect our stallholders. All stalls have hand sanitiser available. If you are chatting please pop on a mask and remember to socially distance.

  • We love masks. Please wear your mask with pride if you feel at all uncertain.



This year our bar area will be run by The Olde Swan in Chertsey, who are very experienced in dealing with Covid regulations. To buy a drink you must either be seated in our fenced off area or seated in the designated ‘picnic area’ next to the music stage (you will need to register/sign in for both areas). Alcoholic drinks will be ‘service’ only. You must NOT take drinks out of these areas. We have lots of people on hand to help but a little patience may be required!



We have lots on at the fair this year and there is plenty of space to come and watch. Can we just remind you to

  • Stand a respectful distance from others.

  • Music stage area. Please sit down if you want to watch the music. Bring a chair or rug. Please remember to stay with your group – sorry no dancing!


Don’t like crowds? Come after 2pm. There’s just as many things to see and do but less people!

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